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Masking tape manufacturer in Sharjah
Masking tape manufacturer in Sharjah

Why Choose Masking Tapes from Radiant House?

Radiant House is a leading tape manufacturer in UAE, specializing in a variety of masking tapes. Our products are designed for durability, high adhesive power, and complete protection without leaving residues upon removal. Here’s why Radiant House is your ideal choice for masking tapes:


Quality and Durability


Fine and Even Rolls: Our masking tapes are crafted to ensure smooth, precise application.

Strong and Durable: Radiant House tapes boast high tensile strength and lasting resilience.

Weather Resistant: Our tapes are built to endure various weather conditions.

High Adhesion Property: Our masking tapes offer strong adhesion without damaging surfaces upon removal.

Waterproof and Chemical Resistant: Ideal for various applications, our tapes can withstand exposure to water and chemicals.

Comprehensive Masking Tape Selection


General Purpose Masking Tape: Our general-purpose masking tapes are available in jumbo rolls and custom sizes, offering high cohesion and adhesion without leaving residues. Radiant House is a leading masking tape manufacturer in Sharjah, providing reliable tape products that fit a wide range of needs.


Auto Spraying Masking Tape: Designed for painting, coating, or other auto-related applications, these masking tapes offer high holding power without damaging surfaces. 


Temperature Masking Tape: Radiant House offers mid-temperature and high-temperature masking tapes suitable for goods requiring varied temperature conditions during transport. 


Aluminum Masking Tape: Our aluminum masking tapes are flexible, durable, flame-resistant, and waterproof, providing excellent adhesion to various surfaces. As a leading tape manufacturer in the UAE, Radiant House’s aluminum tapes are designed for resilience and versatility.


Gummed Masking Tape: These tapes offer strong hold and high tensile strength, ideal for packaging and creating a protective layer for goods. Trust in Radiant House, a premier masking tape manufacturer in Sharjah, for your packaging needs.


Custom Printed Masking Tape: Radiant House provides custom-printed masking tapes with unique designs and logos to help you establish brand identity while offering premium quality packaging solutions. 


Radiant House is a trusted tape manufacturer in Sharjah and one of the leading masking tape manufacturers in the UAE. Whether you need general-purpose masking tapes or specialized solutions, Radiant House has the products and expertise to meet your requirements. Contact us today to discover the best masking tapes for your business.